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    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Gynecology
    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Management and control of normal and high-risk pregnancies
    Management and control of normal and high-risk pregnancies

    Pregnancy is a unique experience in a woman’s life that is accompanied by numerous changes in the body that affect all aspects of a woman’s life, so it is rightly called the “second state”.

    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Nis - Doppler ultrasound diagnostics 02
    Doppler ultrasound diagnostics

    Doppler sonography (popularly color-Doppler or colored Doppler) is an ultrasound method that uses the Doppler effect to show changes in the speed of blood flow through the blood vessels of the fetal organs.

    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Nis - CTG record 01

    The CTG record is used to assess the condition of the fetus just before birth. The aim is to obtain information on the supply of oxygen to the fetus.

    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Early detection of congenital and acquired thrombophilia in pregnant women and prevention of abortion
    Early detection of congenital and acquired thrombophilia in pregnant women and prevention of abortion

    Thrombophilia is not a disease in itself. It is a different set of inherited and acquired coagulation disorders associated with a tendency to thrombosis.

    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - 4D and expert ultrasound
    4D and expert ultrasound

    4D ultrasound is the most technologically advanced diagnostic procedure that allows us to accurately view the unborn baby in detail. Expert ultrasound examination enables a detailed examination of all organs and structures of the fetus during the second trimester of pregnancy.

    Interventions in pregnancy

    Polyclinic Mirabiliss - Gynecology
    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Chorionic villus sampling
    Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)
    CVS is a method of taking a small sample of the placenta for biochemical and genetic analysis, in order to diagnose certain genetic diseases.
    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Nis - Amniocentesis 01
    Amniocentesis (AC) taking a sample of amniotic fluid

    Amniocentesis is a method that is performed under the control of ultrasound, with a needle through the mother’s abdomen into the uterus, and on that occasion, amniotic fluid is aspirated for further analysis.

    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Cerclage 03

    Cerclage is a method of strengthening the cervix and is performed by placing a circular suture on the cervix. The cerclage can be done in a short general intravenous analgesia or local anesthesia.


    Polyclinic Mirabiliss - Genecology
    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Breast ultrasound 09
    Ultrasound examination of the breast

    In women younger than 40, but also for those who have dense glandular tissue, ultrasound examination of the breast is always the first choice.

    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Nis - Video digital colposcopy 02
    Video digital colposcopy

    Combined examination (colposcopy with PAPA test) is the best way to detect even the most discreet changes in the cervix and assess the degree of their atypia, which helps in further therapeutic decision.

    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Contraception 03

    All individuals have the right to access, select and use all scientific information, as well as any advances in science in terms of the choice of family planning methods.

    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Menopause

    The term menopause is often used to describe the entire period that precedes (premenopause) and that follows the cessation of menstrual bleeding (postmenopause).

    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Early detection of cervical cancer - PAP test
    Screening, early detection of cervical cancer, PAP test

    Screening – colposcopy and PAP test are very simple, fast and painless procedures that can determine with certainty the presence of premalignant and malignant cells.

    Interventions in gynecology

    Polyclinic Mirabiliss - Gynecology










    Examination and treatment of infertility causes