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    Nose correction

    Nasal correction, also known as rhinoplasty, is a procedure that solves aesthetic and functional problems of the nose, such as a protruding nasal septum, a bumpy nose or septal deviation.

    The nose is the most visible organ on our body and the most exposed to the eyes of others, and for that reason an increasing number of people decide to correct it.

    In addition to visible deformities, there are also deformations of the internal structures of the nose that cause difficulty in breathing.

    There is no single method to correct each nose. Knowing different methods and combining them with regard to the specifics of each individual’s problems leads to achieving optimal results: good nose functionality which ensures normal breathing, harmonious facial appearance and patient satisfaction.

    Mirabiliss Polyclinic - Nose tip correction

    The modern approach to rhinoplasty seeks to bring the nose into optimal relationship with existing facial structures, such as the cheeks, lips, chin and forehead. The intervention itself successfully solves the hump on the dorsum, crooked, too long or too short nose, wide nasal pyramid, irregular tip of the nose, too wide or extremely narrow nose, asymmetrical or too wide nostrils, etc. Cartilaginous structures of the nose can also be form.

    A patient who wants and needs rhinoplasty should first have an examination by a specialist doctor at the Mirabiliss Polyclinic. During the examination, the doctor will consider the motives and needs of the patient, medical indications and the possibilities to which certain corrections can be achieved. Based on all the information obtained, an individual intervention plan is made for each patient.

    The patient received instructions on the necessary preparation before the intervention, on the intervention itself and post-intervention recovery.

    It is very important to have realistic expectations and be a positive person.



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