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    Management and control of normal and high-risk pregnancies

    Pregnancy is a unique experience in a woman’s life that is accompanied by numerous changes in the body that affect all aspects of a woman’s life, so it is rightly called the “second state”.

    Pregnancy should be viewed as a normal physiological phenomenon and its course should be harmonized with daily activities, all with the aim of giving birth to a healthy child as close as possible to the date of birth.

    In some cases, pregnancy is sometimes accompanied by pathological changes, so the aim of modern pregnancy management is to detect most of these conditions in time with regular examinations and to have a positive effect on them.

    It is advisable to visit the doctor as early as possible, in order to confirm the pregnancy and later in order to conduct regular examinations.

    In the absence of any complications during pregnancy, regular examinations are advised every 4-6 weeks, where the pace of the examination depends on the health condition of the woman and the fetus.

    Modern pregnancy monitoring, in addition to regular ultrasound examinations, includes measurement of blood pressure, body weight, blood count, biochemical analysis, gynecological examination, timely taking of vaginal and cervical swabs, control of urine and urine culture and prenatal test.