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    Dermatofibromas are the most common skin growths that are somewhat more common in females.

    Dermatofibromas usually do not give any clinical manifestations and represent only an aesthetic defect in the patient, but in a small number of patients they can itch or hurt, but they can also attach to the wardrobe.

    In most cases, dermatofibromas are located on the extremities, more precisely on the legs, but they can occur on any part of the body.

    They show very slow, but continuous growth, so they usually appear at the beginning like small lump on the skin, which  starts growing  after a few weeks, months or years.

    Removal of soft fibroids is performed under conditions of local anesthesia by radio-wave or surgical method.

    If the changes are larger than six millimeters in the largest diameter, the only way to remove them is by surgical excision.

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