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    Breast reduction in men

    Gynecomastia or male breast augmentation is not a rare phenomenon. Every third man up to the age of 40 and every second over the age of 50 has a more or less pronounced problem.

    It occurs as a consequence of enlargement of glandular or fatty tissue.

    Gynecomastia cannot be prevented, but it can be corrected with breast reduction surgery. It is very important that the patient undergoes an examination by an endocrinologist, in order to eliminate some other patterns of swelling of the breast tissue.

    The approach to each patient is individual. The first step is a pre-interventional examination of the patient, which determines the type of gynecomastia in question. A personal and family history is taken to determine the possible cause of gynecomastia. The patient should inform the doctor about all the diseases he has overcome, his current health condition, allergies to medications, breast biopsies and the medications he is taking.

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    Prior to the intervention, appropriate medical examinations and laboratory analyzes are performed, which are necessary in the process of preparing the patient for the intervention. It is desirable to stop smoking and consuming drugs or supplements that affect blood coagulation.

    The intervention is performed in analgesia. It is a way of anesthetizing the patient, which means that the patient sleeps alone, breathes spontaneously and at the same time does not feel pain.

    In the post-intervention period, a feeling of pain and swelling is possible. The recovery of patients after the intervention is carefully monitored in the Mirabiliss Polyclinic during regular check-ups. Immediately after the intervention, the examinations, depending on the patient’s condition, are performed every two days, and as the recovery progresses, in agreement with the doctor, the examinations are performed every four or seven days until complete recovery. The compression corset is worn for 4 to 6 weeks. The patient returns to normal activities in a period of two to three weeks, and after five weeks he can return to training.



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