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    Video digital colposcopy

    Colposcopy is an examination of the cervix and vagina under a special microscope – a colposcope.

    By Colposcopy, due to magnification and good lighting, is possible to notice changes that are otherwise invisible during the examination with the “naked eye”, ie. without magnification. Combined examination (colposcopy with PAPA test) is the best way to detect even the most discreet changes in the cervix and assess the degree of their atypia, which helps in further therapeutic decision.

    Digital colposcopy with digital photographs of all phases of colposcopic examination and with their complete transfer to CD, provide the most adequate system for monitoring the observed discrete changes, but also the earliest and most reliable diagnosis of changes that require further treatment. During the colposcopic examination, in addition to the cervical swab for the PAP test, we also determine the group of vaginal secretions. This excludes the existence of a vaginal infection (which can be a potential cause of any changes in the cervix).

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