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    Trigger finger

    Trigger finger is a condition when the finger stiffens after bending and can be straightened with great effort or with the help of the other hand, and during this straightening procedure a “snap” sound is heard. Pain is very common when straightening a finger. This condition can be characteristic of one or more fingers.

    The true cause of this condition is unknown. It is assumed that it is an inflammatory process that causes swelling of the tendon or its sheath. Snap finger is more common in people with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes or carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Symptoms are: stiffness of the finger in the hand after bending, impossibility of normal stretching, pain when trying to stretch, snapping of the finger after a sudden extension with the help of another hand or stronger force, pain in the palm, pain along the finger, nodule in the palpable area.

    Treatment is performed with minor surgery under local anesthesia. The essence of the intervention is to remove the nodule that puts pressure on the tendon and allow the tendon to return to its natural canal.

    After the intervention, the patient is recommended to rest. The return to daily activities is very fast.

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