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    It is a method by which revitalizing ingredients are applied to the upper layers of the skin using a needle. This allows the active ingredients to be absorbed into the deeper parts of the skin, where they are most effective.

    The therapy is very individual.

    Depending on the condition of the skin, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are applied, which stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin.

    Mesotherapy is performed several times according to a specific protocol. Mesotherapy cocktails with their special selected formulas work to solve various skin problems.

    Basically, these cocktails stimulate the dermis, provide ideal hydrobalance and biorevitalize the skin.

    Biorevitalization hydrates the skin, its structure is renewed, which achieves a powerful antioxidant effect.

    If you want to be sure of the procedure, we advise you to have mesotherapy treatment performed only by a doctor who has undergone professional training.

    The use of counterfeit and illicit products and preparations is a great danger, which is why it is advisable to use products only from reputable manufacturers.

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    • Mesotherapy should be started in the late twenties in order to rejuvenate the face and prevent aging.
    • Mesotherapy gives good results in people with dry skin, people with signs of photoaging and people with mature skin.
    • Mesotherapy is not used in pregnant and breastfeeding women, people suffering from autoimmune diseases and people who have active herpes or other infectious skin diseases.
    • Exposure to the sun and artificial sources of UV radiation after mesotherapy is not recommended.

    Mirabiliss Polyclinic also offers its patients mesotherapy for hair and scalp treatment.

    This treatment is intended for people who are losing hair due to a hormonal disorder or genetics. The treatment is ideal for weakened, damaged and tired hair, for oily hair or for scalp prone to seborrhea and dandruff.

    After only a few treatments, the scalp will be deeply nourished and hydrated, dandruff will be permanently removed, hair loss will be significantly slowed down, and the hair follicle will be renewed and strengthened.

    Thanks to B vitamins, which enhance the renewal of hair follicles, this treatment enhances hair growth.