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    All individuals have the right to access, select and use all scientific information, as well as any advances in science in terms of the choice of family planning methods.

    Deciding on a particular contraceptive method requires good information about existing methods with all the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the possibility of combining them.


    1. oral contraception
    2. injectable contraception
    3. contraceptive implants
    4. transdermal contraception
    5. contraceptive vaginal ring
    6. intrauterine contraception
    7. post-coital, emergency contraception
    8. barrier contraception
    9. the so-called natural methods of contraception
    10. sterilization
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    Intrauterine contraception - IUD

    A method of contraception that is based on placing a small, flexible plastic insert in the uterine cavity. The insert can be made of a coil of metal (usually copper), or it is a cylinder with progesterone.

    The fourth generation of spirals with the addition of hormones is used at the Mirabiliss Polyclinic.

    The mechanism of action of the helix with the addition of LNG

    Primary mechanism of action (local character):

    • thickening of the cervical mucus
    • inhibition of sperm motility
    • endometrial alteration

    20mcg of levonorgestrel is released daily

    • the endometrium ceases to be sensitive to the action of ovarian hormones, due to a decrease in the amount of estrogen and progesterone receptors
    • suppressive changes in the endometrium are the reason for a significant reduction in the amount of menstrual bleeding (possible amenorrhea)
    • already within the first month, the endometrium becomes thin, inactive
    • gland atrophy is accompanied by the appearance of a decidual reaction and edema of the endometrial stroma