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    Breast augmentation

    A large number of women have improved their appearance and self-confidence thanks to breast augmentation.

    Breast augmentation, or augmentation, significantly improves the appearance of a woman’s breasts. This is one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery and is performed in order to enlarge small breasts.

    Women opt for a breast augmentation intervention to improve their appearance in a way that helps maintain self-confidence and reduce self-criticism.

    Patients usually want correction in the following situations:

    • The breasts did not develop to the desired size after puberty
    • Larger breasts want to achieve proportion to the more developed lower part of the body in order to achieve an hourglass figure
    • The breasts are of a shape that does not suit the patient
    • Breast reduction after weight loss or after breastfeeding
    • Reductions in strength
    • Breast asymmetry in terms of shape and size.
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    Before the intervention, consultations with a doctor who specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery are mandatory. On that occasion, the patient’s motives and medical indications for breast augmentation intervention are considered. The type and size of the implants are selected, in order to harmonize the doctor’s recommendations to the patient’s wishes.

    The Mirabiliss Polyclinic uses implants from renowned world manufacturers, the latest generation and the best quality. Implants belong to the group of permanent implants that do not need to be replaced. The patient can breastfeed without difficulty and can easily undergo all medical examinations of the breast in the future, if necessary.

    Before the intervention, the doctor must be informed about the patient’s health condition, possible health problems, diseases, allergies, injuries, taking medication, etc. It is obligatory to check the general health condition and basic laboratory analyzes.

    After the breast augmentation intervention, the patient received a certificate for the implants that were implanted.

    The result of the breast augmentation intervention is immediately visible, so the patients are satisfied very quickly.

    The post-intervention period can bring a feeling of swelling, pain, pressure and difficulty breathing. These ailments disappear in the next few days. After the intervention, it is recommended to wear a special compression bra in order for the breasts to retain the desired shape.

    The next two to three weeks bring a return to daily activities, and in five weeks patients can return to training and sports activities.

    The professional team of the Mirabiliss Polyclinic monitors the patient’s recovery and provides all the care until the full return to normal activities.



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